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Hand-sculpted Macrocarpa Display Head is now complete

My husband, Joe Terpend (Ablaze Art) has been sculpting away at a Macrocarpa wooden post for a while and it has turned into a life-sized, gender-neutral display head. I think he did an awesome job. Thanks Joe!

It makes it so much easier for people buying online to see the beanies, slouchies and berets on a life-size head. The heads that are sold online are all smaller than life-size which shows the beanies as a child/teenager fit.

I wanted something that was made from natural materials and there is nothing better than New Zealand native Macrocarpa wood!

I have just completed knitting up a collection of hand-dyed Alpaca/Merino wool beanies, slouchies and a beret. Here are a couple of them, displayed on the new head, of course! Take a look at the new page 'Hand-Dyed' on the Zarre website.

#woodendisplayhead #beanies #woollenhats

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