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Delightful Possum Yarn on the Needles today

This week I am loving knitting up a range of Possum beanies and slouchies.

The Possum yarn is so cosy. It gives a slight furry halo to the beanies. It has great warmth without the weight. This makes it ideal for being in the snow as the hollow fibre is similar to polar bear fur and doesn't freeze yet it is breathable and light to wear.

Watch this space for this week's creations - coming soon. Subscribe to the website (see bottom of the page) to keep up to date with my creations.

Here's some info about the Possum yarn:-

Extracting value from a national pest

Blending merino wool and possum fibres was first developed in 1992 by a New Zealand knitter. Merino possum knitwear was developed as a by-product of the possum control program, making the merino possum blend an environmentally sound choice.

Why is possum fur special?

Hollow core – Possum fibre has a hollow core. The significance of this is that the hollow core traps a tunnel of air that provides extra-ordinary warmth – up to 55 percent more than 100 percent wool garment. The only other animal with a hollow core fibre is the polar bear.

The hollow core also creates a fibre lighter than most other natural fibre. In practice by blending 40 percent possum fibre into the yarn you can reduce the overall weight of a garment by more than 20 percent.

High quality – Merino possum yarn is highly resistant to pilling.

Therapeutic benefits – There is scientific evidence that an enzyme in the possum fibre helps combat skin conditions like athlete’s foot and eczema.

Moisture vapour transmission – Both possum and merino fibres have a complex as the cuticle. Merino possum fabric will absorb and expel moisture vapour form the external environment or the body microclimate in changing conditions.

High fashion

Over the past 15 years, possum fur and merino wool mixes have become established as a luxury product among the wider array of fibre available around the world. Possum fur blended yarns are lightweight, low-pilling, breathable, and anti-odour.

High-end fashion designers are asking for more from their suppliers. Products need to meet high standards in regards to quality and sustainability. Possum fur is globally recognized as sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethically sound.

Reference: https://nzfurcouncil.org.nz/consumers/

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