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Autumn Inspiration Creations

These are the new creations I made with the soft and cuddly Merino/Alpaca yarn that was hand-dyed by Lynn from Lochanside Alpacas. I am really enjoying knitting up these Autumn coloured beanies and slouchies.

I love the mottled effect that the hand dyeing process creates on the plain colours, it creates an interesting textured look.

See previous blog for details on the dyeing process.

See link below for info about Alpaca fibre.

I will be finishing off this batch of yarn this weekend and will add them to the website shop next week. Keep an eye out for them.

The first seven items from the Autumn Inspiration Collection.

Autumn Leaves Swirl is a snug beanie with a swirling eyelet pattern in the multi coloured yarn.

Falling Maple Leaves has a sideways knit garter stitch edge with the plain yarn on the crown.

Avocado Cable has four knotted cables and is a snug, cute little beanie.

Fallen leaves has a moss stich edge in a multi-coloured yarn with the plain avocado yarn for the crown.

Autumn Mushroom is a large Slouchy with a multi-coloured edging and a mottled mushroom coloured yarn for the body.

Autumn Pond Slouchy has a twisted rib pattern and stripes in the gorgeous autumn shades of pumpkin and mushroom.

Pumpkin Cable has seven cables with a ribbed pattern in between the cables. Cables are on trend for Autumn/Winter this year.

Take a look at the Hand-Dyed Collection page. Click on the product photo for more details and pictures of the beanies on the Macrocarpa wooden head that my hubby made or click on the link on the above photos.

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