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Introducing the Travel NZ Collection

Do you love to travel? I know I do and would love to do a lot more travel in the future. It is so exciting planning the trip and waiting in expectation for the day when the trip begins.

Thinking about what to wear in each destination takes quite a bit of planning. Figuring out how on earth it is all going to fit in the suitcase is quite a challenge!

It is great to take neutral staples and items that mix and match. Accessories that can be worn with more than one outfit is always a bonus!

New Zealand is a great place to travel as it is fairly small so you can get around easily in a rental car, camper van or on a train or bus.

There is so much to see and so many stunningly beautiful places. There are many beaches as New Zealand is made up of two main islands with many small islands dotted all around the coastline. If you like solitude there are some islands that are inhabited by only a few people and lots of birdlife.

Great Barrier Island

New Zealand is a hive of activity too. There are snowy mountains for those who love snowboarding, skiing or simply making a snowman.

Hiking and tramping or cycling in New Zealand is an awesome way to see the attractive scenery. There are many boardwalks and cycle trails from Cape Reinga at the very top of NZ down to Invercargill at the very bottom.

Cape Reinga

There is a lot of backpacker accommodation around NZ so travelling doesn't have to be expensive.

I would like to introduce my 'Travel NZ Collection' of beanies.

They are made with one basic ribbed beanie pattern in many different colourways. The ribbed pattern gives the assurance that it will fit a range of head sizes.

Made from a bulky NZ wool, they are guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy. I used wool because it is durable, rain and snow resistant and warm.

They are great to wear for most activities as the wool is breathable and wicks moisture away from the head.

The beanies are practical, easy to wear and look great on.

They come in 14 different colourways.

Head on over to the 'Travel NZ' Collection page. Click on the photo of each beanie to see the names of the places that inspired the different colourways. There are pictures of each place and a picture of the beanie on the awesome macrocarpa wooden head that my hubby made for me to display the beanies on for the photos.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about New Zealand and the awesome places that inspire my creations.

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